City of Dreams

So I decided to give this whole blogging thing a try. I thought I may as well attempt it, especially after being surrounded by Tech-Sperts for the past few weeks and hearing all about how social networking has revolutionized our world today.

Although I’ve been writing in my overpriced, yet authentic leather journal, I figured I could write the not-so-personal stuff on here. Besides, who needs a journal now anyway, in an age where nothing is personal anymore? I mean, people post their credit card transactions online through Blippy, let the world see where exactly they are located through Foursquare, and, I’ve heard, even post their net worth online! Besides, next time someone asks me what I’ve been upto in New York, I can redirect them here, thus saving myself the trouble of numerously repeating my amazement with this city. I will also admit that fictional character Jessica Darling has played a somewhat influential role.

As cliched as it sounds, New York really is the city of dreams. When Khilen told me that living in New York is completely different from just staying here on vacation, I brushed it off as one of those arrogant “I-live-in-the-best-city-in-the-world-so-I-know-better-than-thou” comments.

Now? I totally agree.

Yes, I’ve stayed here longer than a week while on vacation, yes, I’ve traveled around and taken the subway often, and yes, I’ve been to places beyond the tourist-frenzied Times Square. But actually living here by myself, going to and from work daily, figuring my way around new places, heck, even getting fearlessly accustomed to crazy subway-goers in the wee hours who sing to themselves and/or pee on the railway tracks (yes, I have had the privilege of witnessing this multiple times) is a different experience altogether.

I am amazed at the energy and innovation I see all round this city, and I want to be a part of it. I meet workaholics who love what they do, and I feel inspired to be like that someday, as crazy as it may sound. But really… the passion is contagious. Having been here for over 6 weeks, and having experienced different things at work and at different networking-ish events (where mind you, I am pretty much the only undergraduate student surrounded by established people) makes it a lot harder to really sum up why this is the city of dreams.

For now, lets just say I’ve been able to experience everything and more than I could have possibly wanted from this summer, be it business-y, technical, social, personal and even political!

Hopefully I can keep up with writing this regularly and can catch up on the many, many things that I’ve missed out on due to my late blooming as a blogger. Until then, that is all.
blogger girl
(that was incredibly lame, even for me, I know… but I couldn’t resist)
ओह एंड इ कैन अल्सो डी थिस!

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5 Responses to City of Dreams

  1. Khilen says:

    touching – methinks the DON has fallen in love. and "I told you so" -khilen.

  2. sharmila says:

    very well written Pren..i specially liked the way you have summed it up as the city of dreams in the last para where you talked abt your internship experience. all in all a good read.

  3. mehak says:

    haha well crazy subway goers who pee on the tracks is a different experience indeed :PGlad you're enjoying ny/work though! 🙂 miss your crazy singing self!

  4. ashita says:

    Aww hun, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I never knew this, but you're a really good writer. I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself so, your work and all else. It makes my heart glad. Makes me think of the song ~New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of..~ :)Haha, I can't wait to see you in August and have our crazy fun times with all your 'wisdomous' thoughts lol ;)~hugs~

  5. Upasana says:

    Hey! Nice!Maybe I need to live there myself someday to understand why everybody, like my very own brother, gets sucked into the American maya-nagari. :)Keep writing.

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