But without you all I’m going to be is…..Incomplete

Let me start this off by saying thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post.

I think I just sounded like someone who won an award of some sort. Kind of like at the Tony Awards where Catherine Zeta Jones was “thankful to everyone in the world……..especially my husband, who is a movie star and whom I get to sleep with….. EVERY NIGHT!!!!

The random Tony Awards reference is due to the fact that I went for a Tony Awards party this past weekend and her thank-you comment was by far the most memorable moment of the night. The party itself was pretty awesome, especially with all the crazy Broadway fans. And by the way, did you know that they even have a social networking site called Broadway Space for Broadway fans to meet and connect with each other? The techies weren’t lying – it’s everywhere!

Now for those of you who aren’t totally in the loop of the hottest trends of today, the title of this blog consists of lyrics from the Backstreet Boys’ song Incomplete. That’s right. Backstreets Back, alright!

If that wasn’t clear enough, this blog is meant to be about my Backstreet Boys concert experience, only because at one point in my life, Nick Carter was the sole reason for my survival. Perri and I went for their concert (after smoothly cutting in a line that extended 8 blocks) at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC lst Thursday.

It was absolutely amazing!!!! Unlike the John Mayer concert, there were great special effects. They began by suddenly jumping out of the big screen, and ended by jumping right back in, which was followed by a video of them walking away. Also, unlike the JM concert, I knew every song. And again, unlike the JM concert, people took craziness to a new level. Yes, that includes the corporate business-clad men who sat right next to us. People were shouting, screaming, jumping, crying….you get the idea. I thought that I was going to go deaf by the end of the night.

The concert

Overall, seeing poster boy Nick Carter come to life was a childhood dream come true. Now I am super excited forLady Gaga in the Fall.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! And really, any and all comments are appreciated…….even if I don’t get to sleep with my movie star husband every night.

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5 Responses to But without you all I’m going to be is…..Incomplete

  1. sharmila says:

    Well written Pren..keep it up.

  2. Devon says:

    awesome blog :)…can't wait to see those awesome tony party pics too bahaha

  3. jeeyan says:

    donny is this really you??

  4. mehak says:

    of course you had to have one entirely dedicated to back street boys! haha.. and damn you can write =)

  5. Prerna says:

    thanks! :)haha no jeeyan…. its my personal assistant!

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