Casellula Review – New York

I love this place! Cute, small joint located in Hell’s Kitchen, this would be a perfect place to go on a date. The food portions are small – tapas style, so I would not recommend going if you’re super hungry. To start with, I ordered the shrimp tacos which are two round-shaped fried tacos that have a salty paste and pieces of shrimp over it. Delicious.

We bought a small bottle of red wine – I don’t really remember what kind as we asked our server to recommend something that wasn’t too strong.

The best part was the cheese. They brought us a platter which they said would go well with the wine. This was convenient because me and my friend both had no idea what to choose. Sadly my memory is a bit spotty, so I don’t remember the names of the cheese, but there were 3 kinds served with bread. The first was light and melted on the inside, with yummy melted white chocolate on the side. The next was a little stronger, still very soft, and was served with some marmalade. The third was the strongest and a bit harder, and was served with some strawberry jam.


Be warned – this place is a bit pricey! Though overall, the flavors of the tapas, red wine, salty cheese and sweet jams/chocolate on the side was more than fulfilling. Definitely a great find.

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