Veselka Review – New York

Veselka is yummyness. I’ve been here twice – once when my friends visiting from DC reached NYC at 3am, and once after having a fun night out at Solas (very closeby). This place is an example of one of the reasons I love New York – where else could I have Ukranian food at 3 am at a lively sit down restaurant?

Both times that I’ve been here, I ordered steamed perogis and have tried all kinds besides the meat. Here is my order of favorites – arugula and goat cheese (sour and tasty), spinach and cheese (guess I love cheese), saukerkaut and mushroom (light mushroom flavor), pumpkin (rich taste), cheese (how can you go wrong?), and potato (like mashed potato in a perogi). All of these served with sautéed onions, apple sauce and sour cream make for a perfect late night meal.


The hot chocolate here was very average – too watery in my opinion. My friends did order some other stuff, but I don’t really remember what. I know they loved the desserts.

Overall, this is a great place to go to. If it’s late at night and you don’t know where to eat, try Veselka. Granted its fairly busy and you might have to wait at least 15 minutes to get a table, however, it is certainly worth it.

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One Response to Veselka Review – New York

  1. explodyfull says:

    yum those perogis look good.

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