Sarabeth’s Review – New York

I’ve heard about this brunch chain a few times – usually while walking around with a friend and deciding where we should have brunch. “Let’s try Sarabeth’s” is usually accompanied by “It is supposed to be amazing!” but also “There will be a long wait” and “Maybe another time.” However this past Sunday, on a friend’s birthday weekend, we made reservations at the Sarabeth’s in Tribeca and went there.



The ambience had a nice, lively Sunday brunch vibe with white walls, the smell of eggs and coffee, tables ordering a drink, or two, happy servers and lots of conversations. Our group contrasted with swollen eyes and headaches, thanks to the previous night out in celebration of our friend’s birthday. However, that quickly changed once our coffees arrived! My mocha latte was a little too bitter for my liking, however I suspect that is because they add two shots (instead of the 1 that I am used to) of espresso. I prefer my mocha to be chocolatey and sweet with a hint of espresso instead of the other way around. Nontheless, I was able to enjoy some of it.

Mocha latte

Mocha latte

My food made up for the coffee. I ordered salmon eggs benedict, which came with a side salad and was just delicious! Honestly, I love salmon and eggs, so I don’t see how they could have messed this up, but it was great anyway. My friends ordered waffles, pancakes, fries and omlettes all of which were great. Besides, our little round table in the corner allowed for an intimate setting in a lively brunch place.

Salmon eggs benedict

Salmon eggs benedict

I would definitely repeat Sarabeth’s when searching for a good brunch place – but only after making a reservation. Though I enjoyed it, I don’t think I’d wait for an hour to get a table. 🙂

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2 Responses to Sarabeth’s Review – New York

  1. jamesabyad says:

    This place looks good!

  2. That salmon eggs benedict made me hungry! Looks great!

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