Clover Club Review – New York

If I ever used the word “swanky” to describe a place (and I don’t), it would be for Clover Club. You can say I usually am what they call a “Manhattan snob” – I rarely venture out to Brooklyn. I’ve lived in Manhattan almost a year and have been to Brooklyn twice besides going to Clover Club- both times involved meeting my friend who lives there. The only reason I went this time, (that too on a Wednesday!) was to try out some famous pizza place called Lucali. When we got there, however, it was closed for renovation. Having made the “long trip” to Brooklyn, I wasn’t too happy. But after grabbing dinner at another Italian restaurant, the course of the evening changed.

We stepped into Clover Club – rated as a place that serves the tastiest cocktails. I honestly expected it to be all right. However, the moment we entered, I was enchanted by the energetic vibe of this place. The main restaurant section was dark and had smooth classical music coming from a live band. As we walked further in, we entered a backroom that was a little brighter, softer, and had a warm crackling fireplace on the side. We cozied ourselves around it and enjoyed the hip old music (probably from 1920s? I don’t really know). I definitely felt that men in feathered hats and women in black gloves (all in a non-hipster way) would fit right in. Overall you could not ask for a classier atmosphere.

Normally skeptical of experimenting with cocktails (I usually stick to wine or a margarita) I ordered the Crystal Fall – and I am glad I did! Clover Club definitely does not have it’s reputation of serving the tastiest cocktails in New York for nothing. Apparently they have mixologists who work hard at creating the best cocktails with enriching flavors. The bartenders spend a while making the cocktails to make sure everything about it is perfect, fresh ingredients, perfect proportions, exact preparation times and lovely presentation.

Crystal Fall

My Crystal Fall had its ice crushed beautifully, such that it really resembled “Crystal Fall.” It is made of cognac, rum and Palo Cortado sherry. While the concoction of 3 types of liquor made me skeptical, the flavors of ginger syrup, lemon juice, apple cider and Angostura bitters were such that I almost couldn’t taste the alcohol!  My friend’s cocktail, the Blackberry Fool, was even better with lemon, vanilla syrup, cream, blackberries and rose flower water – definitely recommend checking it out!

Our extremely casual pizza evening turned out to be a super random and fun night out. Clover Club is great to hangout on the weekdays, on weekends I’m sure it would be more crowded, but just as fun. Clover Club has also converted me – definitely plan to check out more places in Brooklyn, as well as repeat this place and perhaps try all the different cocktails!

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